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Enjoy our free technical support when you get in trouble. Please don't hesitate to write to us. We'll try to help you as fast as possible, usually in 1-2 business days.

Note: All support is carried out via e-mail only. We do not have a telephone technical support service at present.

Before you write to us, please make sure that your problem can't be solved in the FAQ.
Unfortunately some messages may be rejected by mail servers as spam or as ones which contain viruses. So, in this respect we would like to kindly ask you to duplicate your message, if you haven't received a reply within 48 hours in order to make sure that your messages reach us.

Bug Report and Feedback:

We are trying every effort to make our product bug free, but if you still encounter one, please contact us.with the following information. We apologize for the inconvenience to you.

  • The installed type and version of your operation system.
  • The installed version of Internet Explorer.
  • The details of the problem you encountered. And if it is possible, please inform us how to reproduce it.


If you are interested in exchanging links with us, please use the following link and then send an email to us providing us your URL and description.

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