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download flv,save swf

Flash Favorite is a free tool which makes it easy to download and save flash files (SWF, FLV) on the web pages. You can preview the flash files and optionally rename it and save the file clip on your computer for future playback.

What's new in version 2.5.1?

Upgrade the Youtube Downloader - You can download your favorite videos from Youtube and save them as FLV, 3GP and MP4 in low, medium and high qualiy.

Step-by-Step Guides
- How to download video files from Youtube?
- How to locate and save Flash Video files you browsed before?
- How to download and save SWF flash files (*.SWF) from websites?

An easy way to save and download flash video from web pages!

Flash is the most popular animation format on Internet now. When you were surfing on the Internet, have you experienced such things:

Playing Flash games,
Watching videos online,
Watching comic Flash movies,
Reading Flash based charts ........

Having problem downloading these flash files?
Make it easy on yourself with Flash Favorite. Flash Favorite is the right program that can save these flashes for you.

With this useful tool, you are able to download the Flash movies you like and save them to your hard drive for future playback.

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Why Flash Favorite Is The Best Solution For You?

Download Flash files from anywhere on the Web
With a few quick mouse clicks, Flash Favorite lets you pull embedded SWF files from any Flash-enabled site. Just pick the file you want in the preview window, hit save (How to).

Locate and save flash video files you browsed before.

YouTube Downloader - You can download your favorite videos from Youtube and save them as FLV, 3GP and MP4 in low, medium and high qualiy.

User defined category
You can quickly categorize your downloaded flash files. It makes the management of flash filess more efficient!


What other people say about FlashFavorite
Although it's simple, this user-friendly program handles its main job quickly and accurately. Flash Favorite lets you download SWF files from anywhere on the Web with a few clicks of your mouse. After you launch the program, the elegant interface will automatically list any Web sites you currently have open and detail any Flash files found on each page. The preview window in the upper-right corner will come in handy when dealing with a site embedded with many SWF files. Once you've found your desired file, you simply set the destination directory and click the Save button, and the program will do its work in a matter of seconds. If you often need to pull Flash movies and files from the Web for alternate uses, this program likely will satisfy.

Wilma, NL
It workes! and you can download youtube clips with the same programm.

Lucas, US
I was browsing the download categories and found this program, well its extremely useful, i always complained (to myself) that youtube has no way to save the videos and that i prefered google video because of that... since this program is so useful i decided to keep it. Thanks for this software, extremely useful and easy to use.

Hoan, CA
It can download YouTube /tennis clips! Haven't tried yet but pricing is excellent Also, I have been searching the internet for months for something that can download Youtube Hope, this software is the answer --from what I've read and your screenprint examples, I am very excited that it could do the job. I am happy about the fact that you did show the step by step screenprints about how to download YouTube and that practical and visual example have won my heart! Thanks, can't wait to try your product!

Marilyn, US
Found it extremely easy to use. and ended with a quality product.

Randall, US
ease of use, low cost, Good interface.

Robert, US
Save Embeded Flash Videos. Tried several, this is the only one that did what I need.

Jamil, US
When I tried the free version, I was surprised because it worked very good and I could get some videos I was trying to get from some weeks, it's easy to use it and manage it and since there should be more videos I would be interested on, I decided to buy the application. I like it and for me it is a very good tool to support my needs.

Tony, NZ
Download and save clips. It works fine and is simple to use Good layout and priced about right. Thanks!

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