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Our Secret Demo

- Share Secrets With That Special Someone

1. Install Our Secret (download).

2. Hide file.

Let's hide a picture (Jennifer.jpg), just for example, you could also add a file or a message) into a carrier file (carrier.jpg)

  • Step1: Select carrier.jpg as your carrier file.

  • Step2: Add Jennifer.jpg.

  • Step3: Specify a password (Here we enter "friends"). 

Then we get the result file (result.jpg) which hides Jennifer.jpg. As you can see, it exactly looks like carrier.jpg! No one knows Jennifer's picture is in it except you!

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It's amazing, isn't it? Download these pictures and give it a try!

3. Unhide File

  • Select result.jpg.

  • Enter the password "friends".

You retrieve Jennifer Aniston's picture (Jennifer.jpg) from result.jpg. Just so easy!


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